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We live in a connected world where we are more used to to being online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When we lose wifi for even a few minutes, we can become panicked! How will we communicate with our friends, watch the latest Netflix series, read the news, and look at funny memes?! We’re here to help if you’re having problems with your internet.

Most of the time, your wifi driver is to blame when you can’t connect your PC to the internet or get online. In fact, a recent study done by Microsoft found that device drivers are to blame for 70% of all blue screens and PC crashes. The good news is that update wifi driver is easy and will keep your connection working well (at least on your end!).

This guide will discuss how to update wifi driver using CCleaner Driver Updater. But before that, let us know more about this wifi driver.

What are wifi drivers?

Before we dive into the step-by-step process of updating your WiFi driver, let’s first discuss why it’s important to do so. Your WiFi driver is responsible for connecting your computer to your wireless network, and an outdated driver can cause slow or intermittent connectivity, dropped connections, and even complete WiFi failure. Updating your driver ensures that your computer is using the latest technology and can connect to your network at its maximum speed and efficiency.

For a computer to connect to a network, a network adaptor is required. These hardware devices cannot automatically communicate with your computer and require a wifi driver in order to function. A wifi driver resolves this problem and enables them to communicate, keeping you connected and able to stream the newest shows.

Now that we understand the importance of updating your WiFi driver let’s get started with the process. Follow these simple steps to how to update wifi driver on Windows 10, 11:

How to Update WiFi Driver on Windows 10, 11

How to Update WiFi Driver CCleaner
How to update wifi driver

Step 1: Open the Device Manager

To open the Device Manager, right-click on the Start menu and select Device Manager from the list of options.

Step 2: Find Your WiFi Driver

In the Device Manager, find and expand the Network adapters category. This will show you a list of all the network adapters installed on your computer. Find your WiFi adapter and right-click on it. Select Update driver from the context menu.

Step 3: Choose Your Update Method

You will be given two options in the Update Driver Software window: Search automatically for updated driver software and Browse my computer for driver software. If you select the first option, Windows will search for and install the most recent driver software for your WiFi adapter. If you select the second option, you will have to locate and manually install the driver software from a file on your computer.

Step 4: Install the Driver Software

You will need to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of the driver software. The changes will take effect once your computer has been restarted after the installation is completed.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated WiFi driver on Windows 10 and 11. You can now enjoy a faster, more reliable internet connection.

How to update all your drivers using a tool

As we mentioned earlier, the safest and easiest way to make sure your wifi driver windows 10 keeps working is to use a tool which will scan all your drivers and update them in one go. It could save you from running into internet connection issues again in the future.

Why not perform routine maintenance checks in order to stay one step ahead of the problem?
With the new updater tool, you will be able to automatically detect and update outdated drivers. It maintains a database of over 25 million drivers, which allows it to check all of them at one time, eliminating guesswork and the laborious process of manually updating them.

The driver updater tool comes as part of CCleaner Professional, which you can try for free. You also can take advantage of its full suite of cleaning and optimization tools which will help make your machine run as smooth and as quickly as possible.


Here’s how to update WiFi driver on Windows 10, 11 using CCleaner Driver Updater. A network and system that has outdated WiFi drivers can perform poorly. Multiple connectivity issues can occur as a result of it, slowing down your network. So, always keep your WiFi drivers updated. You can download and install the latest version of your network driver online from the manufacturer’s website. Also, Windows Device Manager and third-party driver updater can be used to update WiFi drivers.

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